Friday, January 30, 2009

getting ready to say good bye

As I spend my last day in Egypt and prepare to go back home to the Untied States several things cross my mind. One is how much I am looking forward to a LONG hot bath and a turkey club sandwich, but other more meaningful thoughts are there as well. I have been so blessed to be on this trip, to spend time with the people of Egypt, and with my fellow class mates here. Many people asked me if I was afraid to come to Egypt, or told me to be careful as this is such a troubled part of the world. We often have so much fear of this area, that we fail to open ourselves up to the good that it here. I think that perhaps the most meaningful thing I will be taking back with me is a new understanding for what it means to live in the Middle East, and what it means to be in an Islamic country. I have fallen in love with the Arab people in Egypt, with their sense of hospitality, their love of their culture and history, their deep faith, and their hope for the future. This is a deep and intricate culture which I could spend a life time studying and still not understand, but being here for this short time and and experiencing this small piece of life in Egypt is something I will be forever grateful for.

Megan Crouch

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David D. Grafton said...

sorry I foegot to say who wrote this it's Megan Crouch