Monday, January 26, 2009

Leaving for the Sinai

We leave for the Sinai tomorrow. We will travel along the pilgrimage trail of the 4th century pilgrim, Egeria to St. Catherine's Monastery. On Wednesday we will visit the monastery, the original home of the Codex Sinaitcus, before climbing Jebel Musa - "the mountain of Moses" where tradition holds Moses received the ten commandments.

We will be back in Cairo Thursday evening - hopefully with lots of good pictures!

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Greta said...


My name is Greta, I'm responsable for a project of sustainable development in South Sinai - Nuweiba.
I hope you will enjoy your trip to Mount Sinai and next time you come in Sinai you are most welcome in Ghannah Lodge. Beside the project it is a wonderfull place to take a rest and to enjoy a fantastic meal.
best regards